A Detailed Review of Fruit Warp Online Slot

Fruit Warp is an innovative online slots game created by Thunderkick. The game begins with an animated clip, in which fruit comes flying out the screen in a time warp tunnel. Technically, Fruit warp isn’t a slots game, but its based on the same principles, even though there are no reels and no paylines.

In Fruit warp there are 9 different types of fruit and the aim of the game is to have 3 of the same fruit hit the screen in order to trigger a win. The more of the same types of fruits on screen, the bigger your winnings and the greater the chance of launching one of the bonus features.

Fruit Warp Look and Feel

A colourful, vibrant game that’s reminiscent of those played in arcades, Fruit Warp is incredibly original and has a certain 3D feel to it. All the fruit symbols float around on the screen and are joined by little air bubbles and the jaunty soundtrack that picks up in pace when a win is attained perfectly suits the theme.

How to Play Fruit Warp

Unlike a lot of slots in Canada at https://canadianonlinegambling.net/slots, with no reels and no paylines playing, Fruit warp might seem a bit strange, but it is actually surprisingly simple. For each ‘spin’ you’ll simply set your stake and play, and if 3 or more symbols splatter the screen in a row, you’ll be rewarded with a win. If 3 of the same symbols are splatted, you’ll be rewarded with the smallest win but if you land 4 or more, your wining amount will increase dramatically. If 9 of the same symbols hit the screen at once, you’ll be rewarded with a massive payout.

The top paying fruit is the dragon fruit and 9 of these symbols reward you with a win that’s 216x your stake. The star fruit and Kiwano melon pay out 42x and 45x respectively if they appear 9 times and the lower paying symbols also payout generously, the more they appear on screen. Cherries, plums, strawberries, oranges, bananas and grapes make up the more standard symbols in Fruit warp.

Should you want to customise the game, you’ll have plenty of available options, including being ale to turn up or down the sound, the game speed and the various special features. There’s also the option to set the game to Autoplay, and have as little as 5 or as many as 5,000 games run automatically.

Two Bonus Features

Fruit Warp has 2 bonus features; both of which are activated when more than 3 of a certain fruit appear on screen at the same time.

The portal respin bonus is triggered when 4 of the same fruit appears on the scree. The fruits will respin in the portal and the remaining 5 fruits will be removed and replaced with other fruits, thus increasingly players chances of attaining a higher number of matching fruits and thus receiving a larger payout.

The fruit mode feature is the second Fruit Warp bonus and is activated when 5 of the same fruit appear on screen. In this feature a scale appears at the bottom of the screen and players must try and progress along it, collecting multipliers as they do so. To progress, you’ll need to pick up fruits that are the same as those that triggered the bonus game and you can also pick up extra turns to give you an additional chance of progressing up the scale. If you run out of turns or the same fruit doesn’t appear, you’ll be returned to the main game.