More about the Features of Sunny Scoops Online Slots

Features of Sunny Scoops Online Slots

If we could use one word to describe this Thunderkick online slots game, it would be delectable.  Sunny Scoops has a carefully planned opening scene, with the animation achieving its goal.  The imagery is warm and inviting.  In the distance we see summery blue skies, a glistening sea and a white sandy beach.  If you closed your eyes for a second, you could actually imagine you were there, with the son on your shoulders, smelling the salty waters and coconut suntan lotion and feeling the sand between your toes…

An ice-cream man calls out from afar, people chatter, seagulls coo and the waves brush up against the shore.  All the while, a cheerful 1920s jazz-type tune plays.  The Sunny Scoops game cleverly draws our attention to a blackboard, which ambiguously advertises assorted ice-cream flavours, as well as seven bonus games and winning possibilities.

Get the Inside Scoop

Sunny Scoops consists of three reels and fourteen lines to place bets upon and all the lines must be played.  It is easy to play and has an auto spin option, which enables the player to set the virtual slot machine to spin automatically for up to five thousand times if necessary. The symbols in play take the form of scoops of mouth-watering ice-cream, in a variety of flavours, dropping onto crisp cones.

In the Sunny Scoops, online slots casino game, ice-cream scoops are stacked onto the cones.  Every time the player pushes the spin button three new cones, each with three new scoops of ice-cream, appear.  A horizontal or vertical line containing three of the same flavoured ice-cream scoops generates great winnings.  The bonus wheel, seven bonus games and free spins feature, with the possibility of multipliers, are the main enticing aspects of the Sunny Scoops video slot game.

Online Casino Slot Sunny Scoops

The Spinning Bonus Wheel that brings Fortune

Spinning three of the same flavoured scoops of ice-cream on a line that goes in a vertical direction, in other words, stacking three of the same flavoured scoops on top of each other, causes a magical and scrumptious bonus wheel, which displays symbols depicting numerous flavours and multipliers, to pop up out of the ice-cream.  This wheel is like a miniature wheel of fortune that spins and eventually stops at an arrow.  Should the arrow stop on a multiplier, your winnings will be multiplied by the amount indicated on the wheel, this being anywhere between two to seven times! However, should it stop on a symbol depicting a flavour that matches the flavour of the scoop on which the wheel rests, a bonus round with free games is opened!  The free spins option will be accessed if you are able to win more than one bonus game at one time, and it will compute all your spins.  Winning while playing a bonus game raises the multiplier even more and grants you yet another spin.

The Tempting Free Spins Option

This online pokies round starts you off with ten complimentary spins.  You will notice that two flavours of ice cream are available in this round.  These are, the flavour that unlocked the free spins option and an ordinary one.  You are richly rewarded if you win in this round, with the possibility of attaining more free spins and multipliers as the ice-cream scoops are stacked higher and higher, making the winning potential practically endless!