Treasure Island Online Slot Basics for Players

Treasure Island, created by QuickSpin studios, is a fun, beautifully designed online slot machine game. Featuring amazing graphics and an immersive sound design, the game stands in the top tiers of the online slot machine world.

As with all slot machines, Treasure Island requires the player to make an initial upfront bet, after which the reels are spun and potential matches are created. There are five reels, and forty possible winning lines. Keep in mind that the win lines can be lowered at any time, reducing the chances of winning, but also reducing the required bet. There are also a number of special feature and bonus icons that, if matched, can trigger impressive animations, as well as major payouts.

Artwork and Audio Design

Treasure Island has been beautifully realised with professional artwork and engaging audio design. All the images, drawn by talented artists, tie in with the popular work of literature by the same name. The pirates and adventure on the high seas genre is captured perfectly, and few slot machine games boast better graphics or design. The music and sound, also expertly created, lend to the visuals, all coming together to create an immersive online slot machine experience. Note that the picture icons also animate when matched, further dazzling the player and making each win a celebration.

Mobile Phone or Laptop

Treasure Island is designed to be played on mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. The user interface is simple and easy to understand, making for smooth play on a touch screen, while also featuring bold graphics that work well on a smaller mobile device. On desktop computer, simply open the game on a web browser and play to your hearts content.

Standard Icons

The standard icons are the classic one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of playing cards (For instance, card symbols can also be seen in numerous slots at These icons must be matched with themselves to trigger payouts. The picture icons include a cabin boy, a female pirate, a sinister hook-handed pirate, plus an old man and a skeleton captain. The cabin boy is the most valuable, and will payout a good amount when matched with himself, with five times being the most any icon may match to create a winning sequence.

Special Bonus Feature Icons

The exploding barrel is a wild icon, and may match with any other icon to form a matching sequence. If matching with itself at least three times a bonus sequence will be triggered, involving an animated ship firing cannon balls. Each area struck by a cannon ball will turn into a wild card, creating amazing winning opportunities.

The treasure chest is this games bonus tile, and if matching with itself three times will trigger the treasure hunt mini game. The player must guide the cabin boy to the treasure, and although always finding at least some bonus wins, certain treasure chests will have bigger wins then others. Bonuses found in the treasure chests may be free spins, or a whole heap of money.