Robotnik Video Slot Summarized Online

Robotnik is a video slots game by Yggdrasil. The game features five reels, four rows, and forty pay lines to play on, and gives players a simple yet fast-paced game to enjoy. The game is available on both Apple and Windows computers, as well as on various mobile devices. Robotnik also offers players various bonus features to enhance the gaming experience, including multipliers, re-spins, and wilds.

The Robotnik Slot Theme

The theme of the Robotnik slot game is based around a space expedition, and focuses on Robotnik himself, a small 3D robot. The game offers 3D graphics and animation sequences, which depict the reels to be floating in outer space, decorated by flying rocks. The background music is composed to aid the theme, but sounds may be switched off via the game’s settings feature.

Robotnik Slot Setup and Play

Like in various iPad slots at, players can adjust their betting range according to the number of pay lines to play on, coin denomination to play with, and the number of coins to bet per pay line. Pay lines range from one to forty and coin denominations range from 0.01 to 2.00. This gives players much freedom in how much they are betting, allowing them to choose a betting range they are comfortable with and making the game suitable for a wide range of players. The maximum bet to be placed while playing on the maximum coin denomination is limited to 80.00, while the top jackpot payout is set at one thousand coins.

Once players have selected their bets, they may go on to spin the reels, either manually or by selecting the auto spin feature. The auto spin feature allows players to pre-select any number of spins, starting from ten, that will be played out automatically.

Robotnik Slot Wild Symbols

There are two different wild symbols in the Robotnik slot game, one which operates as per usual and one with a multiplier. The standard wild symbol operates as per usual in that it can be used to substitute any of the other symbols, thereby allowing players to make up more winning combinations. The second wild also operates as per usual, except that it also rewards players with a three-time multiplier, which will be applied to all winnings.

The wild symbols in the Robotnik slot game also engage in a stick and re-spin feature. This means that whenever players land a winning combination, the wild symbol will become sticky. Players are then rewarded with a free re-spin, upping their chances of landing more winning combinations. If another wild symbol is landed, this symbol will also become sticky and players will be given another free re-spin. This re-spin function will continue until no more wild symbols are landed.

As another bonus feature, Robotnik, the 3D robot, will sometimes appear on the screen and either fly from side to side or smash through the rocks. If this happens, players will be rewarded with additional wilds. If Robotnik just flies from side to side, players will receive a normal wild. However, if Robotnik smashes through one of the rocks, players will receive the three-time multiplier wild.