A Glance at Using Martingale Strategy in Craps Casino Game

If you enjoy casino games but you would like to get the edge and know something most of the other players don’t, you should take a look at random games that rely on luck. The truth is that people will usually use the word ‘luck’ to define something that is much more complex but cannot be easily explained. The truth is that even the factor of luck can be calculated using complex mathematics, which means, in essence, that even the random games that seem to have a different and unpredictable outcome every time, follow a certain kind of a pattern that can be calculated.

It’s Almost Impossible to Calculate This on Your Own

Trying to calculate the pattern by which the numbers circulate could take a long time, and if you are playing online versions of the popular casino games, you might even find it impossible for a simple reason. Different software manufacturers will use different programmed structures to define the outcome of every game. What you could do instead is, use the Martingale strategy. This is actually a system that has been developed in France during the 18th century, bites it can be applied to a lot of betting games, including craps. If craps are a game you enjoy playing, you might find this information useful.

This is Where You can Use the Martingale

In order to be able to make the most of the Martingale system, you would have to use it for even bets only. In craps, these would be the ‘come’, ‘don’t come’, ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass’. The Martingale system proposes that the gamblers should make a single bet of the table minimum. So, you should bet the lowest possible amount. Every time you win your bet, you bet the same amount as before, but each time you lose, you have to double your bet. This applies to any point, so even if you had four wins and lost one, the next round is going to have to be a doubled bet. If you win the next round with the double bet, you will have successfully recovered your losses caused by the previous round, allowing you to go back to the amount you would bet every time you won.

This can be Very Inefficient Sometimes

Although the Martingale system can help you minimize your losses and bet smaller amounts of money, you don’t have to consider the system to be safe at all. The reason stems directly from the practice of doubling your bet whatever you lose. Technically, if you were to go through a losing streak that is more than four rounds long, you would have to bet four times as much as you did when you first started. Let’s say that your first bet was 20$. If you lost that one, the next one would have to be 40$, the next one 80$ and the next one 160$. Granted, if you won at any point of time, the losses would be nullified by your winnings, but you couldn’t be able to withstand a longer losing streak without possibly losing all of your money. Keep this in mind when using the Martingale system, and remember that betting smaller amounts, even the table minimum is actually a good practice.