Play Slots with No Download Option Online

Slot machines have always been a very popular type of casino game in Canada and all around the world. These games initially became known in the American old west where they were called One Armed Bandits. Slots were so called because they had a lever to one side which the player would pull to make the reels spin. This lever made the physical game look like it had one arm. In those days slots had only three reels and no special features. A coin was put in to spin the reels and if you were lucky you would line up matching symbols and the game would spit coins back out at you.

From there slots grew in popularity until they became wide spread all over the world. They could be found in all brick and mortar casinos and even some other venues or functions. In Canada slots were a popular past time and often showed up at state or even national fairs.

In modern times slots have made the leap to becoming online games. This means that they can be played via the internet wherever you are as long as you have a computer or a mobile device and an internet connection. Online slots no download are internet based slots which do not need to be downloaded to your device. They can be played right there in the web browser.

How to Find Online Slots No Download

Online slots no download are all over the internet. There are hundreds of online casinos which cater for players from Canada which host a wide variety of online slots. Not all of them are no download though, so you have to specify that when you do your search. This will also narrow down the results a bit which will make it much easier to find the games and casinos which suit you best.

To begin make sure you have an internet connection. Once you have set that up on either your computer or mobile device, use your search engine in your web browser to look for online slots no download.  Make sure that your browser is Flash enabled as most non downloadable casinos will require this to work. Narrow down the results by including where you are from, for example Canada, and the fact that you wish to find non download slot games

Types of Online Slots No Download

There are immense amounts of different online slots all available for play in your browser with no download. Three reel classics with very few symbols and no special features can still be found along with more modern style five reel games. Classics have been reinvented with new graphics and crisp animation but still retain their pure reel spinning fun.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous there are games which offer not only modern graphics and animations but a story line too. These games have mostly been designed especially for online casinos and can be found nowhere else. The variety of slots in a non download casino is a bit smaller than in a casino which makes use of your device to store games and other software on.  Non download casino has to use only its own servers for games and all other software so they are more limited than a casino which asks you download its client.