Pamplona Online Video Slots Game

Pamplona is a Spanish city famous for its running of the bulls, a festival which takes place each year in June. Bulls are released to run wild through the town’s streets, chasing whatever foolhardy tourists and locals have elected to take part. It is a dangerous event to participate in, and around 250 people are seriously injured each year, to say nothing of the animals themselves.

Theme and Symbols for Pamplona Slots

Pamplona is also an online video slots game from IGT, and its symbols are all tied to the event the city it is named after is famous for. Players will be interacting with bulls; matadors; flowers and capes, and the risk/reward element of the actual bull-run makes for a nice analogy for online casino game way.

The reels are set against a background of a bullfighting arena, fittingly, and the lower-value symbols are the traditional playing cards so familiar to online slots players.

Pamplona online video slots is a fixed line game that requires players to invest 50 coins for each spin, and the minimum coin size is 0.5 and a maximum of 20. This means that it is not for the faint of heart, and will only be enjoyed by those who get their adrenaline rush from high-risk slots action.

The paytable informs players that the return to player, or RTP is between 92.89% and 96.03%.

Extra Features for Pamplona Slots

Pamplona is one of IGT’s MultiWay XTra games, which means that there is a multiplier for any win where the same icons that make up the winning combination appear on the reels either directly above or below those containing that combo.

Pamplona also features a wild symbol, named the El Torro, and, if this wild symbol is part of any winning combination a player may incur his or her wins will be doubled.

Pamplona also offers a chance to choose your own bonus feature, online pokies and three or more of the bull symbols will trigger this part of play. Players are then able to select spins and a multiplier will be randomly added to accompany them, with this choice including five free spins with a maximum multiplier of five; ten free spins with a maximum multiplier of 15; 15 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 10; 20 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 5 to 30 free spins with a maximum multiplier of three.

The wins that this online video slots game is able to deliver are enormous, and the free spins portion of the game can be retriggered up to three times. IGT claim that there are 1024 ways for players to win in this part of the game, and the maximum payout is a mind-boggling 25 million coins.

The gambling game features well-thought out graphics and a bonus that can reward players very significantly. The Spanish music for the game will serve to immerse players in it while the reels are spinning, no matter which device they are making use of for play, and the spins range in cost from .50 to up to 1000.