Live Gaming with Danske Spil and Evolution

Danish online casino gameplay has been on the rise for some time, and the news headline Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil hasn’t really come as much of a surprise to those in the know. As the State Lottery, this was the only legal way to gamble in Denmark until 2012, and is still the most common option today. Danske Spil offers several types of casino games to players, and Live Dealer games would serve to create more immersive and enjoyable experiences.

Well Matched

Established in 2006 and recognised as a world leader in live video streaming, Evolution Gaming was among the first Live Dealer providers to be approved by the Danish gaming regulator SKAT, and was the very first to bring live action to Danish players. The company is also well-known for delivering Live Dealer games in appropriate local languages, and it is for these reasons that the headline announcement Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil seemed like natural progression for most people. Top-quality games, in the language and style favoured by the Danes, will be streamed with cutting-edge technology through this collaboration.

What to Expect

Danske Spil’s live gaming platform will employ highly trained, first-language Dutch speakers as dealers and chat moderators, and will incorporate dedicated tables from within Evolution Gaming’s Maltese facility. The area used will be exclusively reserved for Danske Spil, so all tables will be branded with the company graphics and logo. Additional software has also been developed, to help Evolution Gaming meet the specific needs of Danish players and regulators.

The demand for high-quality Live Dealer games is expected to exceed what Danske Spil itself can provide, so the deal extends further. Danske Spil players will also be able to access tables at Evolution Gaming’s flagship facility in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, which serve many respected online casino providers. A full suite of Live Games, best pokies online, including high-quality versions of Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Real Money Blackjack, Mini Roulette and Evolution Gaming’s signature multi-camera Roulette, is going to be available to players immediately. There are 75 live table offerings in Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack collection alone, including the optional side bet variations of 21+3 and Perfect Pairs, which open up more possibilities and give players more chances to beat the Dealer. The live games will be available on desktops initially, with a comprehensive rollout to mobile devices including iPads, iPhones and leading Android handsets scheduled for the near future.

A Strong Force in Denmark

The announcement Evolution to Create Live Gaming Platform for Danske Spil is good news for both companies, as well as players across Denmark. Evolution Gaming and Danske Spil will gain higher profiles and shares in the competitive Dutch market, while players will be able to get immersive, real-time games with dealers who respond to their actions, from the comfort of their own homes. The games, made even more authentic by Live Chat options in Dutch, will also be very comfortable for the Danes to play, being delivered in their primary language and style, and creating the very first 100% Danish online casino experiences.