Horse Racing Betting Guide for Punters

Horse Racing Betting Guide for Punters

New Zealand and Australia are known for being crazy about horses and horse racing. The Melbourne Cup in Australia, for example, brings the country to a standstill, and is said to turn everyone on the continent into a bet maker.

New Zealand is likewise passionate about the Melbourne Cup and placing horse bets in general. And now, with the recent innovations in online bet making, it has never been easier to place horse bets in just a few spare moments of time.

The tradition of placing horse bets stretches back far into history, with roots in the United Kingdom. Horses have always been closely linked to people, and so it stands to reason that they would be so passionately celebrated. The idea of placing horse bets, predicting which horse is the fastest, is a not just a simple act of blind luck, however, there are many factors that can help make a bet a smart one. Let’s examine some of the factors involved in horse bets.

Horse Racing Tips

In movies, and often at horse racing websites, a tip for horses bets will often simply be given by a person saying, “Bet on this horse in this race to win.” It’s as if the person is pulling the tip form the cosmos in some act of magical precognition.

The truth is, however, that those who are familiar with horse racing know that there are factors that determine which horse is going to win in a race. For starters, knowing the horses, where they were bred, and how they have been performing lately is a great place to start. A fast horse remains fast for much of its life, and so is always likely to finish a race in a certain time.

When this horse goes against other horses, and the average finishing time of these horses is also known, you start to be able to get a pretty good idea o what order the horses are going to finish in. But it isn’t all just as easy as that, of course.

Horses in controlled horse racing events are run under handicapped conditions. This means that the fastest horses are slowed down with weights in their saddles. This brings the horses to a closer finishing time, which avoids their being any one obvious winner in a race. In this fashion horse racing events are kept closer, more exciting, and more balanced.

Horse Racing Tips for Bettors

Getting Horse Racing Tips Online

When engaging in horse betting in New Zealand at the sites like, or anywhere in the world, you don’t have to rely on your own intuition and luck. Those who are well informed about horse racing may be comfortable in making their own predictions, but others may need a little outside advice. Many bookmaker websites offer tips on hose racing, which can be found simply by visiting a bookmaker’s website.

Many websites in Australia are dedicated to professionals giving tips about horse racing, and these websites are generally free to visitors. Anyone interested in placing horse bets should consider visiting these websites for a few tips and inside information.