Details about Moon Shadow Online Casino Slot

The Moon Shadow slot game is brought to you by Barcrest Software. It is most well known for having a beautifully realised theme, based around mystical nocturnal wildlife, a mysterious woman, and the largest moon you are ever likely to see outside a Dick Tracy comic. The artwork of the game is outstanding, with high resolution images that all but leap from the game with their striking realism. But slot games, of course, are about more than just pretty pictures. How does the Moon Shadow add up in terms of game play?

The Moon Shadow slot casino game uses a 5 reel, 10 betting line play system. The betting lines may be adjusted up or down between spins, and the bet per line may also be manually adjusted. This means, of course, that the player is given a great deal of freedom in their play style, which is certainly a plus for strategic players. An extra feature, titled the Big Bet feature, further allows for a unique approach to the game, making the Moon Shadow slot game as much fun to play as it is to look at.

Play Symbols in Detail

The most valuable symbol in the Moon Shadow slot game is a howling wolf. The majestic animal is stunningly drawn, with such incredible detail in his fur that you can all but imagine how the fluff must feel under your hands. Match this howling canine 5 times and an enormous payout will be given. Some of the other symbols in the game are an equally well drawn owl, a flower, and the traditional playing card numbers.

There are two bonus symbols in the Moon Shadow slot game. A game’s value can’t be decided on the number of bonus games alone, however, but rather how interesting those bonuses are. So let’s have a closer look at the special features available.

Bonuses and Special Features

The wild symbol, shown as a glowing red orb, is one of the most strategically important symbols in the Moon Shadow. The wild symbol will match with any other symbol, acting as a substitute for a missing symbol. For example, 2 aces may be matched with the wild, which will create a payout of 3 aces. The only symbol the wild will not match with is the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol in the Moon Shadow slot game is the mysterious woman. Upon being matched she will grant 10 free spins. Before the free spins begin, however, the player may select any symbol in the game to act as an additional number of wilds.

The Big Bet feature can be activated via the button on the right of the play area in the similar way important features are chosen in other slots at Upon this button being pushed the betting lines will increase instantly from 10 to 20. This will dramatically increase the chances of winning matches being created. The bet amount will also be increased to the maximum. Use the Big Bet button carefully and big wins can be maximised.