Blackjack Pro Low Limit Casino Game at a Glance

Blackjack Pro low limit by Playtech is a beautifully presented and modern, well designed take on the traditional game of Blackjack that most players are familiar with.

When sitting down to Blackjack Pro low limit, the player can see a stunningly rendered digital blackjack table. You can say Playtech company spent a lot of time on the aesthetics of this game. It’s almost photorealistic and presents a feeling of authenticity and realism that you’re going to have a tough time finding with other blackjack games currently on the market. They also have music playing that can be disabled and re-enabled at any time during the game.

Blackjack Pro Low Limit Layout

The table itself is lined with black leather, stained wood and gold trimming. The felt is green and has five places for bets to be placed, but the player’s bet is in the middle of the table and is indicated by the text “place your bet.” If the player does not want to play on green felt, Playtech has actually developed a feature that allows one to adjust the colour. By hitting the colour button at the top of the screen, the player can change the felt to blue, purple, black, orange, teal, off white, navy blue or red. This level of customization is a nice touch and allows the player to more personalize the experience of blackjack pro low limit.

On the wood trim of the table, the player can see the various betting chips that they are able to put in the “place your bet” circle. The ten cent chip has brown stripes, the fifty cent chip has red stripes, the one unit chip has blue stripes, the five unit chip has purple stripes, the ten unit chip has orange stripes, the twenty five unit chip has green stripes, and the one hundred unit chip has light blue stripes.

Above the betting space there is additional information for the player. This includes blackjack pays three to two as well as when the dealer hits soft seventeen it pays to one. Additional chips in all of the different denominations can be seen in the dealer’s bank at the top of the screen along with a stack of cards. In addition, there is also a minimum and maximum bet displayed.

How to Play Blackjack Pro Low Limit

When the player starts to play, the digital dealer asks the player to place their bet. Once the player has placed their bet, two additional options pop up. These options are to double the player’s bet and to clear the bet. This is in addition to the deal button that is on the table from the start. When the player hits deal, they are given two cards face up and the dealer is given two cards – one face up and one face down. The player can then hit by or stand. If the player hits then they are given another card. If they stand, the dealer either hits themselves or stays. Depending on the outcome, and who gets closest to twenty one without going over, the player will either win or lose money.