An Introduction to Royal Frog Online Slot for Mobile Casino Players

Royal Frog is a well designed online slot machine game by QuickSpin studios. It features a theme based around the popular Princess and the Frog story, and uses professionally drawn icons as well as a delightful interactive soundtrack. There are five play reels and forty lines on which matches can be made.

The player must, as with all slot machines, make an initial upfront bet, then spin the reels in order to create matching sequences. These sequences, from left to right, will payout based on the icons matched. If a bonus icon is matched certain bonus and special features can be triggered, which mean major payouts.

Designed for Mobile Phone Play

The Royal Frog game has been designed to work on a touch screen, featuring one touch functionality and highly user friendly interface. You may also, however, play in an internet browser on your desktop computer. In order to do so, simply click the game and it will load automatically. Note that the user interface is the same on both mobile phone and desktop like in most casino slots at

Easy User Friendly Interface

At the bottom of the screen, easily seen by a single glance, is the player’s balance, the number of lines bet on, the bet per line, spin icon, and autoplay icon. You will also see a cog icon, which will open game options, and a playtable button, which will give more detailed information on the possible winning sequences. In order to use the autoplay feature, simply click the button and select the number of automatic spins you would like. These spins will play automatically, and stop only if a major win is achieved, or if the player clicks stop.

Royal Frog Play Icons

The classic one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of playing cards are used. Each one of these icons must be matched with itself three times to trigger a payout, with the higher the card being a bigger payout. Other icons include the three frog princes, as well as the beautiful princess. These picture icons are of the highest value when matched with themselves. Note, however, that the frog icons have special features that can trigger massive payouts. There are also three flower icons, which are very valuable when matched in sequences, plus a special golden flower.

Special Royal Frog Bonuses

Each of the three frog icons can transform into a prince if matched at least three times, and in a vertical row, from top to bottom. If this match is created the three tiles will animate and transform the frog into the prince. Note that depending on which prince is created, a multiplier can activate and grant double the normal winnings. The princess icon, easily identifiable by her well drawn picture, acts as a wild card, and will match with any other icons to form a matching sequence. The golden flower is the bonus icon, and if matched will trigger ten free spins, with each win during this sequence worth three times more then normal.